Comfortable and Rocking Sling Chairs for Patios, Sporting Events, Commercial or Casual Use

When it comes to celebrating backyard barbecues, sporting event parties, or even lazy afternoons on the porch, the sling chair is a vital and ubiquitous feature. Sling chairs provide comfort while being extremely portable—a marriage of good design and practicality. Not all sling chairs, however, are made equal. While already a good design, they can be further improved in terms of their portability and comfort.

Introducing the Fritz Chair by Mound Industries, LLC. Our innovative metal-frame chair sports a rocking feature that improves its comfort. This product is the brainchild of Grandpa Fritz, whose pioneering chair design became a proud family legacy. Our products are available for both consumer and commercial use, and we are consistent with the quality of our goods.

Aside from our rocking sling chairs, we also offer folding stadium chairs. Developed using the same materials and techniques used in our sling chairs, our stadium chairs can be easily fitted over bleachers, converting them into seats with proper backrests.

What Makes Fritz Chair Special?

The regular sling chair is a no-nonsense folding design that is difficult to top. You have a very portable chair that can be deployed in seconds without any assembly necessary, and is also very easy to store after use. Grandpa Fritz even managed to make this basic design even better by introducing a rocking feature—something previously unheard of in any sling chair.

Apart from these, our Fritz Chair also has several other distinct features that make it better than the average sling chair:

  • All our sling chairs are also outfitted with built-in pillows for added comfort.
  • We make our chairs with metal frames, for superior durability.
  • Each chair is equipped with an adjustable sling, allowing you to easily carry it around.

We may not be the only one selling sling chairs with a rocking feature on the market, but we have a legacy backing us up. Just as we enjoyed using Grandpa Fritz’s chairs, we hope that you will like our product.

Using Our Fritz Chairs

There is no limit to how you can use our proprietary chairs. Need instant outdoor chairs for your pool? Planning to celebrate a Super Bowl tailgate party with friends? Is your company in need of a novel gift idea for its employees? Cheering for your kids in their respective games, but lack proper seats? Our seats can address all these concerns, and more.